About Us

We are a family run winery located in the country side of Minnesota just outside the town of Cambridge.

We are a Federal and State Licensed Winery. Fully bonded to produce, bottle, and distribute Ravishing Meads. We have been making wines for over 25 years and are one of the oldest wineries in the state.

Our specialties are making Mead and fruit wines. Mead is a wine that is made from fermenting honey.

We mostly sell our products at local Renaissance Festivals. Our home fest is the Minnesota Renaissance Festal based in Shakopee, MN. We have also been to Sioux Falls, South Dakota Twig, Minnesota, and the Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin Festivals.

The owner of our winery is James E. Bird.  He and his friends started by just making wines in their basements and sharing it as a hobby. After Jim was told it was very good wine, he then starting entering competitions for wine making. When the results of the competitions came back with many blue ribbons for Jim, he decided to become a professional. J. Bird Wines Inc. was licensed and bonded May 1st 1984.

Now days Jim`s son James R. Bird and his grandson in-law Matthew Winters have been helping out with making the wine and putting in the hard work it takes to supply the festivals and keeping the thirsty throats of our customers wet.

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